Claire Roberts - my friend from Australia


Anja Gantner: How do you finish following sentence:

Life is full  ... Claire Roberts: ... when I am busy and productive and helping people.

Anja Gantner: For whom or what are have you been most thankful in your current life?

Claire Roberts. My family, husband and my work

Anja Gantner: What is your worldview or philosophy of life / motto?

Claire Roberts: Don't worry, don't dwell on the past. Guilt and worry are two useless emotions

Anja Gantner: How important are the social circle to reach personal goals/dreams in life?

Claire Roberts: Very important. I like to socialise.

Anja Gantner: In your opinion, what is your life assignment?

Claire Roberts: I don't believe I have one, but I am making the most of my life.

Anja Gantner: What are you doing to have a good time with yourself?

Claire Roberts: Listening to live music or going to the theatre

Anja Gantner: The possibility for 2-3 sentences to choose freely ...

Claire Roberts: I am content with my life even in these difficult days. I am coming up to my 65th birthday and have no complaints about how my life has progresses. I have met some interesting people, been to some interesting places and have done the best I can in my life.

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