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Anja Gantner: How do you finish following sentence:

Life is full ... Glen Bowker: ... of unexpected events. Some good some bad. I'm always happy to learn something from my experiences whatever they may be

Anja Gantner: For whom or what are have you been most thankful in your current life?

Glen Bowker: I'm most thankful for my reasonable health both physical and mental. I can do the things I like to do and think what I like without being brainwashed by politics or religion.

Anja Gantner: What is your worldview or philosophy of life / motto?

Glen Bowker: My world view is I'm lucky to be living in a small town like Wollongong free of poverty and violence. My philosophy of life is to have very low/no expectations so that I'm hardly ever disappointed.

Anja Gantner: How important are the social circle to reach personal goals/dreams in life?

Glen Bowker: I have many acquaintances but not much of a social circle. Most of what I have achieved I've done by myself. I do have a few people I like to talk to or communicate with that share my views on things and I feel very fortuante to have a loving wife who is also a very good and trusted friend.

Anja Gantner: In your opinion, what is your life assignment?

Glen Bowker: I believe I am here completely by chance with no real purpose whatsoever. I'm happy to be alive enjoying my time and not afraid of when it will end. I have no life assignment that I'm aware of.

Anja Gantner: What are you doing to have a good time with yourself?

Glen Bowker: I like my work and am happy to make enough money to live a comfortable life. I have no expectation I will ever be wealthy. I enjoy watching movies, listening to and making music and spending time with friends and family.

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