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Anja Gantner: How do you finish following sentence: Life is full ...

Ivan Frangoff: Life is full of adventure and opportunities.

Anja Gantner: For whom or what are have you been most thankful in your current life?

Ivan Frangoff: In my current life, I am thankful for being able to explore creativity.

Anja Gantner: What is your worldview or philosophy of life / motto?

Ivan Frangoff: Happy is the person who dreams dreams and is prepared to make the Sacrifices to make them come true.

Anja Gantner: How important are the social circle to reach personal goals/dreams in life?

Ivan Frangoff: I endeavor to seek out those whom share a Compatible dream. Thus we can be of mutual support.

Anja Gantner: In your opinion, what is your life assignment?

Ivan Frangoff: My assignment in life is to improve my conscious contact with God, as I understand him, and to share my knowledge with others.

Anja Gantner: What are you doing to have a good time with yourself?

Ivan Frangoff: I enjoy exploring my creativity and enjoying the simple things in life.

Anja Gantner: The possibility for 2-3 sentences to choose freely ...

Ivan Frangoff: To love and be loved. I enjoy my creativity to share with other with Bladerunna Custom Sharpening. Do you have any enquiries - feel free to contact me any time!

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